Fallyn is currently a second year MA student in the School and Applied Child Psychology Program at McGill University. She is an active MYST member and conducts studies in various schools throughout the Montreal area. Fallyn is also the abstract coordinator for the journal Down Syndrome Quarterly and serves on the executive of the McGill Education Graduate Students' Society as a coordinator of their annual conference.

Prior to beginning the MA program, Fallyn completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at McGill University, during which she volunteered in laboratories studying adolescent depression and children with autism. Fallyn also spent a year working at a school for children with developmental disabilities, an experience which inspires much of her work in graduate school and as part of MYST.


Burack, J. A., Sousa-Pires, A., Hodgson, J., Leibovitch, F., & Flores, H. (2008, August). From dawn to dusk: Developing developmental frameworks for understanding persons with IDs across the life-span. Invited address to the annual meeting of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities, Cape Town, South Africa.