Johanna grew up and attended high school in Toronto, but has been in Montreal for the past three years completing her undergraduate degree. She is currently entering into her fourth and final year at McGill University where she will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minors in Behavioural Sciences and Religious Studies. After graduating she plans to take a year off in order to travel to Europe and possibly attend a language school in Berlin. In this year she also hopes to gain experience working in a school setting and possibly working with younger populations abroad. She then plans to pursue a degree in School Psychology. Johanna joined the lab in September 2010 after working with Tammy Dawkins at the Taylor Adolescent Program in Montreal. Through her studies and volunteering, she became interested in working with children and adolescents that have learning disabilities and developing ways to better cater to their specific needs. As a member of the MYST team, she hopes to experience the research oriented aspects of psychology through her work with typical and atypically developing children.