Melissa joined the McGill Youth Study Team as a research assistant in the summer of 2010. Melissa is currently in her 2nd year of obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Concordia University. She developed a keen interest for working with children while working in the lab. Keen on broadening her horizons, Melissa intends to learn and discover new ways of working with and studying children, specifically, executive function in typical and developmentally handicapped youth. At this time, she is a youth basketball coach at the YM-YWHA for boys ages 11-13, and thoroughly enjoys teaching them new skills and studying the different ways by which they understand the game. Melissa is also working with Colin Campbell on his dissertation which focuses on the development of executive function and decision making in sports. Melissa is undecided as to which specific area interests her most; however she expresses greater interests in the field of sport psychology.